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About us

Harbon Builders are Conservation Specialists.

We work on Listed, Historic and Heritage buildings in and around the south of England, focusing around Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. Working on domestic and commercial buildings using sympathetic materials and techniques to serve each building appropriately.

Harbon Builders was originally established in 1968, mostly serving the alteration and new build sector. Having encountered Listed and Historic Buildings we have developed an interest in how 'old' properties work and how to maintain them. Now Harbon Builders solely works on Listed and Historic Buildings.

Second generation Harbon, Proprietor Tom Harbon is now studying towards a MSc Building Conservation Degree taught at The Weald and Down Museum near Chichester to further the company's knowledge and expertise in the field of Building Conservation.

Harbon Builders Specialise in all aspects of Building Conservation throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Taking a sympathetic view towards Historic and Listed Properties on the Techniques and Materials we use to insure the best possible for Historic and Listed Properties.

For any enquiries please contact us via email or by phone.

Email: enquiries@harbonbuilders.co.uk

Direct Line: 07794059825