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Our Services

At Harbon Builders we offer services in the field of Building Conservation which vary from gauged brickwork to historic polish plastering maintenance.

In works we undertake our main aim is to bring a positive input into the building future. This could involve removing of a harmful non breathable paint to be replaced with permeable lime paint or re pointing a soft Clunch stone wall to prolong its life.

All work we undertake is carried out with care and thought, giving the buildings we work on the respect they deserve.

Harbon Builders Specialise in all aspects of Building Conservation throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Taking a sympathetic view towards Historic and Listed Properties on the Techniques and Materials we use to insure the best possible for Historic and Listed Properties.

For any enquiries please contact us via email or by phone.

Email: enquiries@harbonbuilders.co.uk

Direct Line: 07794059825